Breaks Magazine: Interview with Keith Hufnagel

Breaks Magazine: Interview with Keith Hufnagel

Skater professionista prima, testa di punta di HUF poi, Keith Hufnagel, nel settore è sicuramente un nome conosciuto ed una personalità parecchio influente. Breaks Magazine ci regala un’interessante intervista andando ad approfondire la personalità e le varie attività di una delle persone più influenti nello streetwear.

So you’ve obviously travelled extensively over here in the last 10 years, how do you think the skate scene over here and Europe in general differs from the states?

I mean that depends on where you’re talking in Europe. I have a very New York feeling when I’m in London. I feel like it’s very New York. In Copenhagen, I feel like it has its own style. I feel like everyone is wearing thinner gear and high water pants. It’s like that Norse kind of look and I feel like that’s nailed when you go to Copenhagen. That’s what it is and I feel like they created it to some degree or they own it a least. London’s all over the place, it has everything here. It’s very New York; it’s a melting pot of people. Same with Amsterdam, Amsterdam’s a very similar place to London and New York also.

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