A Little Less Conversation: Ian Stevenson

Second appointment with A Little Less Conversation column dedicated to discovery new illustrators or already established characters in the scene, interviewed quickly, simple and lightweight as a swig of tea.
Resident in the city of Queen Elizabeth, Ian Stevenson when was a child has spent a lot of time in his room with his toys…and maybe his never came out. Art as play, drawings with a pen, a fine stroke to define his characters, as if to show whispered irony, without shouting. Eventually you’ll see that Ian is like Big Lebowski: Do not take it seriously at all…luckily!

Illustration of Luca Laurenti (Mklane) for Providermag: All right reserved

Does it ever happen that you find yourself without any ideas or inspiration?
Not really, things always keep appearing in my mind. When they stop coming I’ll probably be either dead or comfortably numb.

“This book changed my life” In your case; which one is it?
There is this great book called ‘Now That’s What I Call Art’, it’s just brilliant and contains many art drawings. Now what was the name of the author?… sorry no I can’t seem to remember, it has escaped me but I highly recommend it.

Do you feel most inspired in the mornings?
I generally sort things out in the morning and then on with the thinking in the afternoon. Sitting down with a sketchbook, traveling or when my eyes are closed are when the best ideas happen.

Did anyone ever refuse your work?
Companies sometimes think they want something interesting, then they realise they just want the usual crap and continue to treat the public like idiots. So yes sometimes my work doesn’t get used, it’s annoying and a complete waste of time.

How and where do you feel most at ease when working?
I’m generally not in any pain when working. I think the worst time is when someone tries to suggest an idea and says “wouldn’t it be funny if …” then this is followed by a one of the most completely average shit ideas you’ll ever hear.

Would you like to tell us about an upcoming project of yours?
I’m working on a canvas that has the words ‘Really Shit’ written across it and this is part of a series of slogans for the modern world.