Super*Fly Deluxe english interview

Super*Fly Deluxe english interview


Per la versione in italiano cliccate su providermag pdf e scaricate il numero 1.

Lets start with a simple question, what are your names?

There are three founders of the project, our names are Beppe, Marco e Iucu. Actually our website, now in its third year, involves different collaborators who occupy themselves with all activities related to customer services and shipping .

When was the idea to create Super Fly Deluxe born?

The idea of a website for “fashion street deluxe” materializzed in the beginning of 2006, but we can say that the idea was already on our minds for some time. First of all because we are constantly buying clothing offline, from the the less nobile Ebay to more celebrated websites like those in America that offer limited edition t-shirts and other similar items. This genre of Website was missino in Italy and after reflection, we decided to do something about it.

What was your career before Super Fly?

We all come from differnt areas of work, that is probaly one of the reasons why we work well together. I (Beppe) worked for web tech agencies prior to the develpoment of software for Apple, Marco had a law degree contrasted by a visceral passion for fashion, Iucu was an artist who had previously worked in fashion design.

I am curious to know where the name for the store comes from? At first I thought it came from the Curtis Mayfield song “Superfly”.

That wasn’t exactly our motivation, even though the song undoubtedly (along with the entire album) is a miles stone that we really admire. The true inspiration comes from a nightclub, a small discotec from the island of Los that we used to travel too frequently a few years back, that had obviously taken their name from the song. The concept of “Superfly” is undoubtedely tied to streetwear . We added “Deluxe” to give the name something extra. We are trying to find a balance between high end streetwear and avante gaurde fashion. We wouldn’t even go as far as to exclude pop phenomenons that are inevitably realted to our culture.

Unlike many Italian storse, you have concentrated heavely on e-commerce. Has this investment paid off?

Right away we will say that it is a long term inverstment. No one who enters this field with serious intentions would expect to break even of their investments in a short time within this complex structure. Especially being that when we began, three years ago, e-commerce in Italy was ten years behind other countries. Now things are slowly starting to catch up. But I’ll repeat, in this country we are very behind, especially being that long distance shopping has never worked very well . Many varieties of mail order business have always had problems here, while in england and America they have flourished. To be able to make this type of business work it must be something special. Rare and exclusive products, special brands, limited editions, these are things that you can find easily at your doorstep.

Do you have more orders form Italy or abroad? I am asking beacuse I have noticed that in Italy there seems to still be a ‘phobia’ of online shopping.

Our core business is undoubtedly Italy, but we do also receive orders from abroad.. Germany, France, and Spain are principal buyers, but also we recieve orders from the United States, Canada, Japan, as well as a few other countries in Asia, Africa and even Australia. Unfortunatley we are unable to satisfy all requests being that shipping outside of the European union or America becomes a bit complicated for us.

Your site offers a optimal selection of international brands as well as some less known products. What you do in fact is act as a great support for young desiners who would like to try to enter into the fashion world.

Yes, this has been part of our store’s philosophy from the beginning. We think that there are massive talents out there that can’t find outets because they do not have adequate commercial support or big companies backing them. What we do is make very selective choices because we recieve many offers. We ask our customers to trust us and to pay attention to and have faith in the new designers who we present. In fact many of these brands that have been around for only a few years (Madson Discount, Malph etc.) are becoming important labels. We can attest that sometimes we find our selections to be correct.

Who is in charge of selections and what is the crieteria you look for!
Marco is the one who does the most research but it really is a group effort and we are constantly comaparing our ideas. Often within the group there are different sensibilities and over the course of time each one of us has had intutions that were more or less successful.

Which of the brands that you have ‘launched’ has given you the most satisfaction?

To say that we have ‘launched’ is a large word. But the brand that at the moment has paid off the most among the new designers is Madson Discount as well as Malph who is experiencing a stong confermation from the public that is admirable for such a short period of time.

Which brand would you advise us to keep a look out for?

We are ready to bet on B.Y.G. BANG, a newly concieved brand that has some very valid ideas behind it. They will show a preview this season, very soon, and with the next season they will bring out a collection that will be not go unobserved.

What are you wearing today?

Beppe: T-shirt Red Dot “Crappy days”, jeans Evisu Ninja, sneakers Adidas ZX800 Limited Edition “Wine”
Marco: Schmoove Cup Mid Cut neaon yellow, jeans Pharmacy Industry, polo Penguin
Iucu: Swear Dean49 limited edition, jeans Hells Bells, t-shirt Iucu979 new edition.