NDEUR interview

NDEUR interview


Per gli utenti straniere pubblichiamo l’intervista realizzata a NDEUR. La traduzione in italiano qui.

First of all, I am curious to know your real name and where you live. I read on your myspace that you are half canadian and half parisian. It’s true?

Yeah in fact its almost true I use to live in Paris but now I moved to Toronto, and I m really happy of this change, I think its really helpful for work to move and see other way of thinking and developing art

How was born “Ndeur” project?

Ndeur is my artst name since 5 years already before it was more a signatur for my painting , wich was not really like what I did today , more with texture and real painting stuff , oil ,canvas , brush …..Now ndeur is more a brand for the shoes and also a graphic style I try to develop ……The brand start with the shop the Rage who see my work and want to collaborate with me , we start to do shoes 6 month ago ….

Many of your sneakers are made on a women shoes. Only in the last time you used also a men shoes. How ever this choice?

I was not man to shoes if I can say in fact my goal was always to try to move to medium to medium and see if I can make different thng as decoration, design, fashion, illustration ….and put my style on it. I start with women shoes because almost nobody was using this medium and my goal was really to never do two time the same shoes , each shoes is unique and I already do like more than 100 of it .

What you think about the actual sneakers world? You don’t believe that all this limited edition and a continuos go out of sneakers from all company, can be destroy this world?

I have seriously no idea I think there is always a way to make your own way into something, I really don’t care about company the shoes is not really important. I think what is important is the style I try to developed

If you have the possibility to collaborate for one of the most important sneakers agency such as Nike, Adidas,New Balance ecc, witch one do you prefer?

All of them

Art Force 1, SBTG, are only two of the famous customer sneakers in the world that had success on their customade sneakers. Who of this person you think deserve this success? There is a name of your colleagues that you respect most?

If they are famous and there design work I think they all deserve what happened to them ,if this guys are where they are its because they work for it , no luck in that. An I think I respect everybody who try to do something , I think if you try at least you do something who deserve attention.

There is a person or a famous artist for which you will like make a shoes?

No idea


Many people know in Italy the Provider’s project for the stickers “I love my sneakers”. Behind this slogan there is the conviction that the shoes are the most important exterior element that represents your personality. What you think about?

I must have a really poor personality so , I have the same pair of fake adidas this two last year…I rather concentrate on what kind of personality this people really have and what did this people really think , its impossible for me to judge a people on what kind of shoes he wear , really sorry but I really try to concentrate on having a good design , original , and who can be hope something that people want to keep for them as a real design.

I think that your sneakers are super pop and colored. It is a walking murales on the street. Where you find the inspiration and what influence your creativity?

I really try to influence everywhere I can to mix as many influence as possible , I ve really a lot of differente influence and can to go really classical painting to street artist , and pop culture , fashion , webdesign , poster …… almost everything give me idea , I really want to mix…

What kind of music listen when you work on your shoes?

Mostly electronic music and jazz , but like the last question I like almost evrery kind of music.

I see on your myspace that you had posted a t-shirts sample. Why ? Would you try to explore also this sector?

Yeah like I say I don’t want to limite my exploration to shoes , I really want to do as much different project as I can , for exemple my next project are tshirt for Fiat , custom wood puppet for Sheepme , and custon roddler strollers for Kid Kustoms.


What is your favorite sneakers?

I like the vans of the wall.

Are you a collector?

Not really

What is your future project?

my next project are tshirt for Fiat , custom wood puppet for Sheepme , and custon roddler strollers for Kid Kustoms .
Not really

Thanks and good luck?

Thanks to you !!!